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July 2009


The Epworth League

Fort Collins Weekly Courier, July 12, 1905

By throwing Blongerís gang of bunco men in jail and keeping them there during the sessions of the Epworth League, the Denver police management would do much to convince the public that it is not in league with the confidence men.

Wikipedia: "The Epworth League was an organization of the young people of the Methodist Episcopal church, formed in 1889 at Cleveland, Ohio, by the combination of five young people's organizations then existing. The purpose of the league was the promotion of intelligent and vital piety among the young people of the church."

I don't believe the Courier got its wish.



Soapy Smith

Happy 111th anniversary to Soapy Smith and the Gang!


So it ain't so, Andy!

Blonger boy Andy Roddick almost took Wimbledon. So close!



Justice Center Update

Melanie Simonet took this panorama of the Justice Center. Things are coming along. Expect the dedication early next year.

Justice Center

Detention Center

Cindy Van Cise says she's considering what kind of Van Cise/Bunko Gang memorabilia to put on display in the entry. She's says there will be a place for the infamous chair from the Universalist Church.

The Chair

The Bust


July 2009



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