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The Mark Inside

Who were the Famous Blonger Bros.?

We're glad you asked.

Lou Blonger


This started out as a site dedicated to the Belonger Genealogy, and if you're a family member, you'll find lots of interesting information about your ancestors here.

While climbing the family tree we stumbled across the Blonger Brothers, five restless souls who sought, and found, their fortunes in the mines of the Rocky Mountains, associated with some of the most famous men of their time, and left their mark all over the American West.

Then we discovered how Lou Blonger made his pile — a Million-Dollar Bunco Ring that controlled the streets of Denver for over twenty-five years. Here you can meet all the players from one of the most famous criminal cases in Colorado history.

Later we learned of their days as New Mexico lawmen, and their connection to Wyatt Earp's Vendetta ride in 1882. The Blonger Posse details their exploits on the dusty streets of New Albuquerque.

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Finally, just for fun, what if the Blonger Bros. owned their own theme restaurant?


A Word on Pronunciation

When we first saw the names Belonger and Blonger, we assumed, as you may have, that they were pronounced like the word "longer".

It's hard to tell because the name is very nearly unique, but the evidence suggests three options:

We use what we believe to be the Americanized pronunciation, which rhymes with conjure.

If you're feeling French, give it that continental sound, blohn-zhuh.

Or if you're a cheesehead, you may say like some still say Belonger in the old home town, be-lahn-jee.

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