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The Mark Inside

Lou Blonger.

All but one of Lou's known photos were taken after his arrest, in his mid-seventies. The sketches are from the trial.

Lou Blonger, in his cherry orchard
Lou Blonger in 1917.
Lou Blonger, candid photo
Lou Blonger, courtroom sketch
Lou Blonger
Lou Blonger
Lou Blonger
Lou Blonger Lou Blonger
Lou Blonger
Lou was a sucker

From an article published after Lou's death.

Lou and bartender

From the same article, the fellow on the right is apparently supposed to be Lou in younger days.

Lou Blonger

From In the Shadow of the Klan
Illustration by Lee Raen

Lou Morph

Here's our latest attempt at regressing Lou's mugshot,
to, say, 45, as he would have been in the 1890s.



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