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Van Cise Project
Van Cise Project

Campaign to Commemorate the Philip S. Van Cise Detention Center

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DenverInfill Blog, Justice Center Final Design
Looks like this blog might be the best place to keep up with the news. Many opinions here on the design., Block 011 W
This site (same as the blog) has a good overview of the area and some early sketches of the Van Cise. It's right across the street from the mint. The ones that puts the D's on all your pennies.

Fighting The Underworld by Philip S. Van Cise, available on
The story of Col. Van Cise's greatest case, the destruction of Denver's Million-Dollar Bunko Ring, in his own words.
The story of Col. Van Cise's nemesis, Lou Blonger, Denver's notorious fixer, and his brothers as they gambled and prospected across the western territories.


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